So Totally Missing Blogging!

There certainly are hidden costs involved in running a blogging network with a minimal number of staff members (including but not limited to: lack of sleep, and a ‘terminal’ case of ‘continuous partial attention’ disorder.) For me, another cost is personally never having time to blog anymore! (but, still steadily building an outline for a tome on ”Thriving & Surviving in the Virtual Office”.) Since this evening is somewhat ‘slow’ – as in less than 20 ‘active’ IM windows open – i thought i would pen a few words here on my nearly abandoned blog.

Weblogs, Inc. bloggers will be covering an onslaught of shows over the next month – everything from CES, Sundance, Macworld, LA Auto Show, and the Detroit Auto Show – and so January will be rocking even more than usual around these parts. This place is all about the bloggers for me. As i was reviewing a listing of our peeps this evening i thought it noteworthy that roughly 20% of our bloggers are ‘non-US’ based – Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Venezeula, Chile, and India. But, between email, IM, and Skype everyone seems quite proximal.

No predictions on this last day of 2005, but, as i am so totally missing cohorts and friends, i’d like to give a shout out to – Jerry Michalski, Dina Mehta, Liz Lawley, Stuart Henshall, Steve Crandall, Lilia Efimova, Jim McGee, Betsy Devine, and a host of other denizens of blogrolls from years past that i am missing sorely! 2005 was all about blogging here at Weblogs, Inc. – for about 100 ‘other’ bloggers ‘team’ blogging away! Happy New Year everyone!

Hello? Is this thing on? (Tap,Tap)

Sheesh. I had to push away cobwebs to get into this space. I am on this computer constantly, but alas and alack not to blog. In fact my trusty laptop is probably more worn out than i am, as the spacekeysticks, as does the ttttttt key but hey, it’s a Mac and I have Apple Care so – as soon as i can peel my fingertips off of these keys i’ll bring it in for a tune-up and probably a new keyboard!

So Barb Dybwad has moved in and made quite a cozy nest over at the Social Software Weblog. Quite nice actually but… now Barb, Engadget Editor Extraordinaire, and seriously Social Software weblogger (who also muses in about five other places as well as prolifically posting photos to flickr) has agreed to join me as Associate Editor here at Weblogs, Inc.! Now, if you’ve moseyed on over to our homepage in the recent past, then you already know about Barb’s Associate Editor’ness, and i am the one who has been woefully negligent in making a formal announcement about how insanely ecstatic i am about this!

Jason has taken to calling me/her, us, Judith/Barb or Barb/Judith. Which actually touches on a sweet and tender spot for me as i can hear my father – who died when i was just 13 – calling ”KathBarbJudeLucy”! A combination of the beginning of the names of myself and three of my sisters. And so, I am quite honored to be referred to as Judith/Barb or Barb/Judith. Especially since Barb Dybwad is such a tremendous force of nature — spinning into her role as my trusty sidekick like an exhilarating charge of energy!

We are all so very happy to have Barb leading and easing this transition period with us — juggling a bajillion balls in the air whilst i tunnel neath the mounds of bits and bytes of data defining Weblogs, Inc. and its wonderful team of bloggers — casting off on an adventurous trek to AOL-land!

Does Tag Away Work For Skin Tag Remover

Welcome to my ‘Does Tag Away Really Work’ post and we present to you a detailed review, a unique skin tag removal product as seen on TV.

There are just too many tag removal products being sold today over the counter. Many of them do not work and buying them would be just be a waste of your money but more importantly it begs the question “is it safe for me?”

What This Product Does For You

Our primary objective of this review therefore is to provide you essential information on such a product. You can then use it to make an informed decision over your purchase if you are looking for a safe, easy and effective tag removal product.

In short, this product uses natural topical treatment to easily dry out your skin growths after using it for a short time. One of the best reasons why this product has become one of the hottest products in the media is because it is 100 percent chemical free. Yes this skin tag remover contains ingredients from pure plant essences including the world-famous Thuka Occidentalis known to have removed very large skin tags ever existed. Well that will certainly answer people’s question: “does it work on large skin tags?”. Using it is so easy, quick and painless as the formulation goes to work to dry out your skin tags and because it is chemical free, it always offers that peace of mind when you use.

Does It Work – People Are Asking That All Important Question

In order that this review remains impartial we did a quick search online for customer reviews to find out what people say about this tag remover product. There are just a couple of people we found from Yahoo Answers and Amazon sharing their experience after using Tag Away and you can find more details on those sites by searching it.

While looking for personal testimonials of people who have used it, we found that most people who used this product found no harm caused to their health , their skin tags dry out completely before falling off and it was easy and painless to use it.

Tag Away, Get Rid of Skin Tags – What Price and Where To Buy

Just like any other skin removal products, it can be easily purchased at any of your nearest drug stores. Most people today find it even more convenient to do their shopping online because smart shoppers now read all the customer reviews on these online stores before making a decision to buy.

The price is kept at a reasonable price of about twenty dollars. So there is no reason not to get your skin tag treated and removed by using this easy, affordable, safe and effective product.

Why You Should Get This Product

The manufacturers are so confident of their product that they take the risk of ordering for customers by providing a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition to this offer, for every bottle of Tag Away purchased, you get a second bottle free. But the most incredible guarantee from the makers must surely be this: “In case you are still not satisfied with the product after using it, just return whatever is left in that bottle and you are still eligible for a full refund.”

Where Can You Buy It

Tag Away is not sold in stores, but for a limited time period only, the product makers are offering an incredible offer of buy 1 get 1 for free offer when you purchase online. Of course purchasing online is the easiest way to shop. Most websites that carry these products also have consumer reviews about the products which can be really helpful when you are trying to make a decision about which product to buy.

Habitual Jump Training

A habitual jump training program is very effective for increasing your vertical jump. It involves repeatedly jumping over and over so your body will become accustomed, and improve in jumping. The muscle fiber recruitment for habitual jump training does not necessarily involve the growing of your muscles, but the improved performance of them.

Habitual Jump Training *Pt. 2

Fiber recruitment is the amount of muscle fiber that is recruited, or used for a particular exercise. Because habitual jump training is done at a lower intensity, the fiber recruitment is going to be lower which makes for no muscle growth. However, if you engage in habitual jump training and haven’t trained in the past, you will see some strength gains.

Habitual Jump Training Pt. 3: Neuro-muscular Patterns

A nueromuscular pattern is any type of skill that you are using your muscles for. This could be any skill, for example jumping training. Any time you jump, there are neuromuscular patterns that are in place, which helps you jump better. By jumping habitually ( jumping over and over in a series of sets), you will strengthen these neuromuscular patterns, thus helping the performance of your jump.

Earn Money with Ebates

Do you buy things online?

Would you like to earn a little extra money just for buying things online?

I have been using Ebates for a few years now and I figured some of you may be interested in it as well.

Likely you won’t earn a fulltime income but you can earn a few bucks here and there.

If you are a new user you can sign up here to receive a $10 gift card to Target, Home Depot, or Barnes & Noble.

The stipulation is that you have to spend $25 at one of the stores on their shopping list to get the free $10 gift card.

I certainly don’t recommend spending $25 to get $10 but if you plan on getting something online then I would definitely cash this in.

Over the last few years I have actually received a few hundred dollars back using Ebates.

I often buy my boys some clothes from Children’s Place so if I have a good discount code, I’ll go through Ebates and save even more.  It’s a win-win.

And while this doesn’t necessarily fall in the scope of healthy it is definitely sexy to save money especially when you can use it to buy something for yourself.

What Are the Essential Oil to Buy and Have at Home

There is one essential oil that is, above all others, a must of the essential oils to buy and have nearby, and that essential oil is lavender.

Lavender has been used for health and beauty for the past 2,500 years!  Lavender, a flowering evergreen shrub native to the regions of the Mediterranean , has a fresh, clean fragrance that was used by the Roman’s to scent their baths and to heal the skin.

Lavender is a natural antiseptic, analgesic, bactericidal, muscle relaxant, antidepressant, insect repellant, as well as having a sedative quality. It ’s most important use is in having the ability to restore unbalanced states mind or physical imbalance.

As such lavender is an essential oil that should be in everyones house and is an exceptionally good all round essential oil and has been used to treat skin conditions , the immune and circulatory systems, nerves, migraines and headaches, tension, emotional stress, sore muscles and tense muscles.

These days there are pillows with lavender oil or lavender flowers that you can rest your neck on or even put in the microwave to warm up and then lay neck, shoulders and aching muscles. The warmth and aroma from the oils will work their magic in helping to reduce the tension in the muscles and the aroma helps to calm you and distress you.

Lavender is also good for inducing sleep due because of it’s sedative nature. A few of drops of oil in a nice warm (not too hot) bath just before bed can work wonders. If a bath isn’t available though, a drop or two on a pillow case can be equally effective.

With lavender having a balancing nature, it is often used in helping people who are in unbalanced emotional states such as hysteria, manic depression or widely fluctuating moods. Massage can also be extremely helpful in these situations especially when lavender is used along with the massage, the combination of the physical touch of a therapist along with the aromatic healing properties of the essential oil helps with the healing process.

Rubbing a few drops of lavender into the temples will help to relieve your headaches. Or your headache may be severe enough that you need a cold compress of Lavender that you then place on the forehead or back of the neck can help in de-stressing the muscles who’s tension may have led to the headache.

Massage with lavender or in a aromatherapy baths, besides being relaxing and calming, can help in treating palpitations and also help to reduce high blood-pressure – though this alone will not help resolve the problems – a more holistic approach is needed, and diet and exercise will need to be incorporated as well.

Lavender, when used during labor, can both reduce pain and strengthen contractions, thus speeding it up, if it is massaged into the lower back. It can also be used as a compress or massaged gently into the abdomen to help with the expulsion of the afterbirth.

As you can see lavender is an extremely versatile essential oil and you will discover even more ways that it can and will help you.

In combining lavender with other essential oils you will find that the healing propertiesof lavender are increased as well as the healing properties of the oil it has been combined.

If you are not sure about using essential oilsbe sure to consult a qualified aromatherapist who can help you further.

AARP Dental Insurance Info

AARP dental insurance is a kind of dental insurance plan which is usually provided by Delta Dental insurance company which is the largest and the oldest company in USA. Company’s major aim is to provide such dental insurance benefit programs and plans which can help people purchase affordable dental insurance coverage. Among such plans there are PPO dental insurance (Preferred Provider Organization) plan, HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan and of course AARP dental insurance plan which is by right considered to be best dental insurance available nowadays.

The reason why AARP is the best is very simple as far as this coverage offers its owner great number of various benefits and advantages in comparison with any other beneficial dental insurance coverage. Undoubtedly this happens due to that fact that Delta Dental insurance company is already 51 year in dental care business and knows a lot about costumers’ needs, knows how to please consumers with reliable dental services and how to create the best dental insurance plan and coverage, which will be beneficial to all parts involved in dental health care process.

There are several weighty arguments which prove that AARP dental insurance is the best. First of all AARP plan gives you a right to keep the dentist you already have and this is a decisive factor as far as when a person already has his/her qualified dentist, he/she doesn’t want to change it. You can also choose any licensed dentist you prefer, no matter whether he/she is in or out of Delta dentists network and what is more you don’t have to consult Delta representatives in order to make this very decision. Notice that irrespective of  your choice, you’ll have the same low cost premiums. In case you purchase AARP dental insurance, AARP premiums which you’ll have to every month guaranteed for two years and this means that you can be absolutely sure that within two years your dental insurance won’t change at all.

In order to make sure that AARP dental insurance is very beneficial, we suggest that you find out all necessary information about available dental insurance plans and compare them. You’ll certainly notice the difference and notice that AARP guarantees stability and benefits which will suit your particular dental care needs. Moreover in contrast to other dental insurance companies and their plans which very often include benefits which you’ll never use, AARP coverage provide only those benefits which you will definitely need.

What is Medicare Levy Surcharge?

There is a lot of confusion about the MLS. Mixed messages from accountants and advertising seems to send out inaccurate messages about what the Medicare Levy Surcharge is, and how Private Health Insurance affects it. Read on and we’ll get you informed.

Tax and Health Insurance Explained:

Let’s start from the beginning. Every Australian resident and citizen has to pay 1.5% of their gross annual income at tax time for the Medicare Levy. This is unavoidable, and it is how we fund our free health public health system. This is NOT the Medicare Levy Surcharge.The Medicare Levy Surcharge is an additional 1% of your gross annual income, on top of the Medicare Levy 1.5%. This brings your total amount payable at tax time to 2.5% of your gross annual income, Ouch. Only people who make over a certain threshold of income in a financial year have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge:

Single: $80,000 a year
Couple: $160,000 a year (combined)
Family / Single Parent: $160,000 a year (combined), plus an additional $1500 for each child after the first.
(eg. Family with 4 kids = $164,500)

So, if you don’t make this amount of money as your gross annual income, then you are simply not paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge. If your wage does exceed the threshold, read on to find out how to avoid paying the additional 1% of your income.

It’s simple. All you need is at least Basic Private Hospital Cover *. Sure, it still costs you money – but your getting a product for your money, instead of giving it away to the Government at tax time. You will be buying yourself Cover in the Private Hospital system, so you have the option of Private or Public hospital submission if something goes wrong.

*The only condition to this is that the Excess amount on your Private Hospital Cover Policy must be below $1000. If you take out a policy where the excess is $1000 upon first submission, you will not avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge.You do not need Extras aswell to avoid the MLS, but most people get both Hospital and Extras combined policies because it doesn’t cost too much more to have Extras as well for your Dental, Optical, Physio etc (around about 20% more cost).